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An innovative program specifically designed to help you transition 

to a job or college with confidence!

Getting a job or going to college are  exciting experiences that require important life skills in order to succeed. Glendale Community College is offering the Career & College Pathways Program which has two classes that will teach you the skills needed to thrive at both a job and in school. 

Our innovative program is designed for adults with disabilities, including graduating high school seniors, who are ready to take the next steps towards their future.


Students are invited to apply for one or both of the classes offered in the Career & College Pathways Program:

                            Workplace Readiness                           Success in College

The dual class approach provides the tools and knowledge needed to be successful in both college and the workplace and helps to prepare you for the future ahead.

Click below for details on the program and how to participate:


About the Program



Workforce Readiness

This class is designed to introduce students to the job opportunities that are available to them. Each student will be able to identify jobs that match their skills and interests.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act and your rights

  • Developing the skills to interact with others

  • Learning interviewing techniques

  • Completing job applications

  • Writing an excellent resume

Class Dates: TBD

Success in College

This class is designed to assist students to become better prepared to meet the challenges of attending college.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding different learning styles

  • Developing academic and career goals

  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Understanding the accommodations you need to be successful

  • Taking advantage of campus and community resources

Class Dates: TBD

Find out about Who the Program is For



Wondering if this program is right for you?  


The only requirement is that you are 18 years and older 

Otherwise, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you wondering if college is the right choice for you?

  • Do you wonder if you are ready for a job (part time or full time)?

  • Did your counselor recommend this course for you? (Department of Rehabilitation, Verdugo Jobs Center, your school, or Regional Center)

If you answered YES to any of those three questions, you would be a good fit!

A common question asked is: What will I need to do to complete assignments in the classes?

Great question! You will need to be able to:

  1. Listen and follow instructions

  2. Read and understand information

  3. Write or type assignments

  4. Come to class and be on time

  5. And most importantly: let the teacher know when you need help!

What are the upcoming Important Dates?

Important Dates


Summer 2020

For more information, please contact:

Tina Hartyon

Phone: (818) 937-8080


How to Register


If you are interested in registering for the program, please follow the steps below:

  • Contact Tina Hartyon at the Verdugo Jobs Center to set up an appointment to complete the Career & College Pathways registration packet.

    Even if you are not sure if the Career & College Pathways Program is the right choice for you, but you want more information, contact Tina to find out more about these classes.


  • Tina at the Verdugo Jobs Center will coordinate an appointment with the DSPS Counselor, Jesse Holm, at GCC’s Garfield Campus. 

    You will need to bring the following items to the appointment:

Have any questions? Go to our Contact Information 

Contact Information


For More Information on the program, please send a note using the form below or reach out to our contact:

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you shortly. Thank you for your interest in the program!


Tina Hartyon



Below is a list of forms that may be needed to register. Click on the document name to download.

1. Glendale Community College DSPS Application

2. Glendale Community College Garfield Non-Credit Application

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