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Glendale Community College
District Regional Consortium

Expanding and Improving Adult Education


GlendaleLEARNS is committed to providing resources that will help our partners and organizations serve the community. Resources include:

Los Angeles Basin Regional Planning Unit Regional Plan Modification for 2021-2024

Pursuant to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Planning Guidance Issued by the California Employment Development Department (EDD), the Verdugo Workforce Development Board is soliciting input from the general public on the Los Angeles Basin Regional Planning Unit's (LABRPU) Program Year 2021-2024 Regional Plan (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024).

If you have any comments, please email the comments to MaryAnn Pranke at: by March 25, 2023 

Please click here to download a copy of the Regional Plan 


CWA Final Sector Expansion Resource Forum PPT 

March 2023

California Workforce Association and its members are paving the way for people with disabilities

 FEBRUARY 2, 2023

City of Los Angeles Opportunity Youth 

2021 Data

California’s Digital Divide

PPIC - Fact Sheet - June 2022

California's Population

PPIC - Fact Sheet - January 2022

2019-20 Five-Year and 2018-19 Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate Comparison 

California Department of Education 

The Economic Value of the California Community College System 

California Community Colleges - Main Report - January 2022

California Department of Education Releases Student Data for 2020-21 that Shows Impacts of COVID-19 on School

Release: #22-03

California Department of Education Releases 2019-20 High School Graduation and Dropout Rates

Release: #20-101

What's Next for California's K-12 Enrollment?

Public Policy Institute of California - December 2021

The New Landscape of Digital Literacy

WorkforceGPS - Workforce System Strategies 

Boosting Digital Literacy in the Workplace

WorkforceGPS - Workforce System Strategies 

Foundational Skills in the Service Sector

WorkforceGPS - Workforce System Strategies 

1 in 4 Young Adults in New York City Were Out of School and Out of Work in 2020

Highlights of Recently Released Data - August 2021 - JobsFirstNYC

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN LABOR AND EDUCATION SYSTEMS: Improving the government response to the next unemployment 

Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings 

The Latino/a Scorecard Report: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles

ABC - Alliance for a Better Community

Community Connections Toolkit

December 2019 - SBCAE and ALLIES

Adult Education Pipeline Statewide Numbers and Averages

Numbers pulled from the Adult Education Pipeline dashboard version 4.1 published in April 2021.

CAEP Summit 2021 News and Review Publication

Learn how the California Adult Education Program has developed seven statewide priorities to help meet today’s challenges

Step-by-Step Guide to a Comprehensive Academic Portfolio Review

2021 Hanover Research

Institutional Structuring for Strategic Implementation 

June 2020 Hanover Research

JobsEQ Employer Hiring Trends 

July 2021 Hanover Research

Immigrant Integration in the United States: The Role of Adult English Language Training 

EdWorkingPaper No. 20-288 - Annenberg Brown University 

Improving Career Education Pathways into California's Workforce

August 2021 - Public Institute of California 

Transition: A Conversation with Parents
A Guide for Individuals with Disabilities, their Parents, and the
Professionals Dedicated to Serving Them, 1st Edition.

dam Gottdank, Linda O’Neal, Casey Sousa

LAEDC Annual Report

2020 - 2021

Americans With Autism Have Never Had More Support — Except When It Comes to Employment

Politico Opinion by Michael Bernick

Legislative and Grant Resources

Legislative and Grant Resources

The Public Charge Rule

California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan Program Years 2020-2023

Operational Planning Elements

Program Specific Title I Requirements

Program Specific Title II Requirements

Program Specific Title III Requirements

Program Specific JVSG Requirements

DOR VR Services Portion of the USP 2020-2024

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Website Resources

Website Resources

CA Community Colleges Doing What Matters For Jobs and the Economy

The strategy for Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy is a four-pronged framework to respond to the call of our nation, state, and regions to close the skills gap. The four prongs are:

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